Spoon Deep in the Crucible – Destiny PvP Strategy Guide: Day 4 Part 2

Day 1: Mercury

Day 2: Venus

Day 3: Earth

Day 4 Part 1: The Moon

Day 4 Part 2: Mars

They told me this place was barren. It’s not barren, it’s deserted. I was born on this Earth, I’ve been to its moon, I’ve been to Venus, I’ve even been to Mercury, but Mars…Mars is different. The physical struggle for survival here is tame. Water is hard to come by, yes, but it’s nothing like Mercury. It’s cold, colder than any other planet I’ve ever been to, but that’s not it either. There’s just something about this place that makes you…want to leave. It’s not like our Moon and its infestation. The Cabal here are controllable and usually too busy fighting the Vex to bother with us anyways. Being here is like a continual punch to the gut, a punch that reminds you each and every time of humanity’s place in our solar system: non-existent. We’ve been driven from our home, forced to seclude ourselves in our Tower, lit only by the light of the Traveler. Hell, with the influence of Dead Orbit, even half of the people there want out. But being on Mars, it makes you realize…that’s all we’ve got. We’ve been boiled down to a small section of our home planet, and we need to expand. The Darkness has been defeated, driven from the Black Garden. We need to take advantage of our moment of strength and expand. Expand to our Moon, to Venus, and to Mars. Expand for survival, for the future of our race. I’ve always been afraid of the future, of what would become of us…but no more. We need to take action. The Future starts now.


Bastion map overview
Bastion map overview


Hold zone B. Why? Because B is your most important zone; four entry ways, solid shooting lanes down each of them, hordes of enemies wanting in (this is a good thing, lots of kills!). Put your heart and soul into zone B, but it helps to have A as well. Again, why? Defending B from enemies coming from C is easier than defending it from enemies coming from A. Again again, why? C to B is uphill. Sure, there’s only one true lane from A to B, giving you an easy choke point, but on a map where sparrows are used to get around quickly, your enemies can really enter whichever way they’d like. Sometimes I just bunker down in B with Spoon Deep for the entire game without even worrying about either of the other two. That’s how important B is. (Fun fact: I don’t like Control on Bastion).


Just like First Light, Bastion is much too big to sport only 6 Guardians at a time. Even 12 seems too small. Clash on Bastion also follows First Light in that it consistently becomes team snipers. I have numerous sniping spots on Bastion I’ll share with you in an upcoming Crucible sniping guide, but the most important one in Clash is from A to C, er…near C. If you properly position yourself at A, you can see the entire “road” down the center of the map and leading all the way up to the outside of C and beyond. Now, people don’t run down the middle of the map too often, but they do sit way in back trying to do exactly what you should be doing. People will be sniping here, I promise. Make sure your scope is there first.

Blind Watch

Blind Watch map overview
Blind Watch map overview


Destiny rolled out patch 1.0.3 recently, which included some major changes to all aspects of the game (10 bounty slots whaaat…). On the PvP side of things, we see a few minor changes and one big one. Blind Watch has been redesigned! Zones have been moved, routes have been modified, and shooting lanes have been altered. B and C were formerly the (only) way to go, as this map was arguably the most unbalanced of them all. Glad to see Bungie is listening. After a few matches on the new and improved Blind Watch, here are my thoughts.

It’s less balanced, for sure. B is still the clusterf**k it always was, still just as prone to OKHO’s, which are bad. However, you can now take B with some solid shooting and maybe a couple well-placed grenades, rather than having to engage in the close-quarters combat necessary at its previous location. Zone A is no longer the useless runt of the litter, but…isn’t it? From A and near A you can now see down a couple of decent shooting lanes and even position yourself to see parts of C, but no parts any smart opponent will stand near. The heavy ammo near A is much more accessible, but also much more prone to getting stolen by the enemy team, especially if they have control of zone B. Zone C seems to be even stronger now than it was in our formerly (possibly still) least-balanced PvP map. It’s further in the corner, and near un-cappable when well-guarded. I’m going to say B and C is once again the way to go.

Clash, Rumble, and Skirmish

The big Control changes to Blind Watch don’t have quit the impact on these other game types. Obviously the new zone locations don’t matter, but Bungie has also added numerous obstructions to some old, possibly OP shooting lanes as well as closed off a few others. My favorite strategy for these game types is to control the hallway running through the new zone B as well as the hallway outside and up the stairs from it. These are the longest shooting lanes on the map and control of these will net you more kills than not.

Firebase Delphi

Firebase Delphi map overview
Firebase Delphi map overview


Alright, gettin’ lazy…

Point C? Don’t get it. Get the other two, they’re better.

Clash, Rumble, and Skirmish

Control the hallways around B. These hallways are good. Enemies like them and will come into them over and over again. Shoot them, kill them, get points, prosper.

Wrapping it up

If you’ve followed along with the whole series, thank you. Seriously, thanks so much, it means a lot. Hopefully you’ve learned something new along the way. In the coming weeks, the Spoon Deep team will be playing/streaming The Dark Below, Destiny’s highly anticipated and first DLC. We’ll also be diving headfirst into Minecraft: Xbox One Edition to slay enderdragons, creepers, each other, and probably ourselves, so be sure to keep checking in every day for more content from Jake, Dupie, myself, and even Chase! (thomsonc36). Thanksgiving is a hectic time for everyone, and that includes us. But now begins the real holiday season (my favorite month of the year!), which brings with it the unpredictability and chaos we’ve come to associate with December. Thanksgiving caught us off guard, but we’re ready this time. We couldn’t call ourselves spoon deep otherwise.

Until next time, Mangos out.

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