Spoon Deep in the Crucible – Destiny PvP Strategy Guide: Day 3

Day 1: Mercury

Day 2: Venus

Day 3: Earth

Earth. Home. I grew up hearing of the Golden Age, how humanity had been so prosperous in the past, but…what happened? Why are we now fighting to take back control of what was once our own? I knew the history, I knew the stories, but their explanations didn’t seem enough. What had happened to the human spirit? This tower, these Guardians…we’re what’s left of it now. At least, that’s how I see it. It’s up to us to renew hope and put faith back into our people; humans, Awoken, and Exo alike. Venus had been harsh, but in a different way. Its harsh physical climate can’t compare to the severity of the mental one here. I was dripping in sweat, I couldn’t breathe, I had a snipers’ scope on my head…but I’m not afraid of the Vex. I’m afraid of the future…our future. Will we muster up the will to reclaim our lost golden age? I’m not sure. The Earth is not safe. We need more…more Guardians. Guardians with the kind of spirit needed to retake our home planet and renew our place in this universe. Our battle starts here.

Twilight Gap

Twilight Gap Overview Schematic
Twilight Gap Overview Schematic

This map is very hit or miss for me. I enjoy a particular sniping lane and when I’m on my game, the tight corridors and small spaces don’t seem to matter anymore, as I rack up the kills. Usually, however, I find this map lacking in proper shooting lanes and overly abundant in close-quarters, shotgun-ridden, OHKO combat.


I can make a case for holding any combination of zones on Twilight Gap. I actually prefer patrolling the open area between B and C, as it nets me a lot of kills. I enjoy the sniping lanes on this map, and I’ll soon be writing a post on my experiences sniping in the Crucible. The hallway between A and C is too cramped and gets plagued with supers, grenades, and shotguns (shudder). B is much too easily assaulted from above or the 17 other ways you can get to it. Zone C? Well, I like zone C. Longer shooting lanes and more open space is enough to get me excited. But this is all just personal preference. When playing with Spoon Deep team, we typically try to “juke” the hallway between A and C, occasionally sending a runner to B for the quick cap if things get overly clustered. We like having a few to take control of the battle in the actual hallway while the rest of us split directions towards A, one group taking the outside route flanking the zone and the other taking the inside route jumping from cannon to cannon into A. If you have a favorite strategy on this map, or any of the others, leave a comment below and tell us about it! I’d love to try out some different tactics, and I’m sure the Spoon Deep team will be grateful for them if they work.

Clash, Rumble, and Skirmish

For me, these game types on this map are all about one sniping lane looking from a spawn outside zone C down the center of the map, over the bridge above B, and to another bridge beyond that. But again, the same strategies for control abound for these as well. Control the area around C, giving yourself and your team the most space and access to a solid shooting lane into that tight hallway and another across the map towards the area outside of A. I rarely venture outside of this area, and I usually see success.

Rusted Lands

Rusted Lands Overview Schematic
Rusted Lands Overview Schematic


Hold zones B and C. This is actually one of the more balanced maps (I didn’t say it is balanced), so maybe I could make a case for A as well. But I prefer the other two. Why? Because they’re so damn close. Now, it may appear that A and B are closer, and in regards to the actual control zones, they are. But you have to take into consideration the maps’ spawns points. Spawning at A means spawning down behind the building housing it, near the water tower, and this a long way to go just to get to the zone you already hold, let alone any others. Holding B gives you access to the high ground overlooking the only direct route from A to B (and B to C), and this is huge. Defending zone B is cake if you know where to position yourself, and is by far the most important position on the map. Enemies spawning near A have a long way to go to get to either of the other two zones and have to battle through lots of open space to get there. Just hold B and C and call it a day.

Clash, Rumble, and Skirmish

Once again, success in these game modes stems from success in Control. Surprised? I’m not. Holding the area between around zone B will give you the long shooting lanes you need to get the jump on anyone coming your way. Unless you’re a blinking shotgunner. Then you can go home. I use the strategies I do to avoid people like you. I’m sure you’re a good person at heart, but until you kill me with a real gun I remain unconvinced. (Note: I recently had such an outcrop of deaths from you guys that I couldn’t help but see what all the fuss is about. I see now. I still prefer using my primary over Invective or Found Verdict, but there have been a few situations I escaped only because I blinked, then followed with a shotgun to the face).

Stay tuned tomorrow when I stop at the Moon before heading off to Mars. Godspeed, Guardians.

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