Spoon Deep in the Crucible – Destiny PvP Strategy Guide: Day 2

Day 1: Mercury

Day 2: Venus

Sweat. Sweat, dripping slowly and jaggedly down my glistening, dirty face. That insatiable tickle as it makes its way down my chin and hangs with an enraged determination not to fall to the toxic ground below. I’ve been here too long. This place is starting to seep into my mind. The air is sticky, my breaths are staggered and sparse…I struggle to keep my wheezing quiet. I can’t remember how long I’ve been here. I don’t dare move. I don’t know who’s watching…I don’t want to know. How many snipers unknowingly have their scope on my head? The slightest twitch, the slightest gasp for breath will give me away. I’m afraid. I hear a voice. It’s in my ear, my Ghost relaying the sound. I hear them. Alpha team is finally on its way. I’m going to be saved. Shores of Time…it all makes sense now. Time here just seems to…slip away; almost unnoticed, yet dragging on, ever-slowing, ever-draining. I see a flicker in the distance. The sniper had turned, if only for a brief moment. It was enough to get an eye to my scope and pull the trigger. The sound of my shot ricochets off the hills, and I see a body drop. The battle goes on.

Shores of Time

Shores of Time overview schematic
Shores of Time overview schematic

Shores of Time is my favorite map in the Crucible. The chokepoints are approachable from multiple routes and the shooting lanes are long and open, allowing for the most-skilled gunfighter to come out on top. The map’s control zones are imbalanced, but what else is new? So, here’s how we win.


Capture and hold zones B and C. I think once anyone has played this map enough, it’s pretty easy to understand why. From just outside zone C, you can have a clear sniping lane to anyone trying to capture B not crouching in its back corner (which, for this reason, you should always do when capping zone B). The lane between B and C is long and unobstructed, and it really allows for the better shooter to win most gunfights. As the sniper-lover I am, I can’t help but live in this lane, quick-scoping with my Queen’s Bounty sniper The Supremacy and picking off the enemy team one-by-one from a distance with The Vanguard’s The Devil You Know. Defending B from attackers from A is also easier than the reverse, as the battle from A to B is an uphill one. Your attackers will either have to jump the gap onto the point itself, leaving themselves wildly exposed in the process, or they’ll have to use the cave, which…well, let’s just say this is in your favor. B sports some solid shooting lanes down towards both other zones and is the all-around most powerful position to hold on this map.

So please, Guardians, don’t capture zone A. Please? K!? K. Don’t even defend zone A when you have it. Let one of them who doesn’t know come and get the “free cap.” By doing this, you’ll have gone spoon deep, and well, (with a tear in my eye) that’s all we can really ask for.

Clash, Rumble, and Skirmish

The same strategy discussed above applies to all game types. In Clash, Rumble, and Skirmish, you want to patrol B and C (or at least where they would be if this were Control) as well as the lane between them. Watch the cave closely, as your enemy will undoubtedly come through here over and over and over again. When they finally catch on, use the aforementioned long lanes between B and both other zones (keep pretending they’re there) to down them with ease, forcing them back to the cave. And thus the cycle repeats…


Asylum overview schematic
Asylum overview schematic

I don’t like Asylum. Every game, both teams rush up to the main buildings’ second story to start their battle across the only unobstructed shooting lane on this map. I like long shooting lanes, so why don’t I like this? Because it’s seen as the only option. Other teams are always trying to force the fight up here, and well, it gets boring. So, we find the most effective strategy to be taking our enemy out of their comfort zone. We take the fight elsewhere; take the fight down into the formerly mossed-over streets and shoot amongst the decaying vehicles; take the fight into the enclosed hallways opposite the two-story building and fight down the jagged corridors. We don’t play this map much, but when we do, we stay away from this overused part of the map. We make the enemy fight on our terms. We make them fight spoon deep.

Back home tomorrow, Guardians, stay tuned.

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